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How to Use the LHF Series of Math Study Guides for the HiSET® Math Test


You may print out these Study Guides for your own personal use or small classroom use.  Reproduction for commercial use is prohibited.

Feel free to skip any sections in a Study Guide, or a complete Study Guide, if once you begin you find you already know how to do the problems.  You may still want to do a few practice problems, or the test at the end of the Study Guide.


Use the explanations in the answer key as a learning tool!  Even if you get the right answer to a question, reading through the explanation will add to your understanding of how to do that type of problem.  This is especially true if you felt unsure when doing the problem.


If you have comments or questions about the Study Guides, please use the Contact button.  We would appreciate knowing what you find helpful and what you find confusing.    

Work on Time Management.  One of the most common problems people have when taking the HiSET Math Test is not having time to do all the problems.  This is normal and very likely you won't get to all of the problems.  (Be sure to take a guess on all the problems you don't have time for - see Test Taking Tips for more information on this.)  When you're learning a math skill, you should take as much time as you need to work through problems, but once you know the skill, practice answering questions as fast as you can.  When you've completed one of the Study Guides, or a section of a Study Guide, you can re-do the problem sets pushing yourself to work as fast as you can.  In addition, you should do some of the timed tests you can find on the internet (search for HiSET Math Practice Test).

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