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About the LHF Series of Math Study Guides for the HiSET® Math Test

I have been a teacher and volunteer tutor in GED and HiSET classes for many years, and have seen that Math is often the hardest test for many students to pass.  Math has always been my favorite subject to teach, so I decided to focus on it, and have developed the LHF Series of Study Guides for the HiSET Math Test to use with my students.

The teaching materials that I found in books or on-line were often not quite what I was looking for, and usually could not be reproduced due to copyright restrictions, so I decided to develop my own materials.  The Study Guides on this website are free to use, print, and copy for students and for teachers in small classroom settings. 

Reproduction for commercial use is prohibited.


These Study Guides are designed specifically for the student who wants focused lessons and practice geared to the HiSET Math Test.  The Study Guides have been developed with the following in mind:

       1.  Math should be taught one skill at a time, sequentially, in small bits, with ample

            practice each step of the way.

       2.  Students learn best by first understanding via examples, followed by lots of practice

            and repetition.

       3.  Questions from HiSET Practice Tests that are available on-line have been used as a

            guide to the math skills that are most important to cover.

HiSET is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS).  This product is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

ETS has reviewed these Study Guides and has given me permission to use the term HiSET.    


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