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Welcome to the LHF Series of

Math Study Guides for the HiSET® Math Test

These Study Guides have been developed specifically for students getting ready to take the HiSET Math Test, and assume that you already have competency in general math.  Each guide is full of examples, explanations, and lots of practice problems.  

This is not a comprehensive math curriculum.  Each Study Guide is designed to give you the math skills needed to get a few more questions right on the HiSET Math Test.                  for more information about the LHF Series of Study Guides.

You may print out these Study Guides for your own personal use or small classroom use.  Reproduction for commercial use is prohibited.

Use the explanations in the answer key as a learning tool!  Even if you get the right answer to a question, reading through the explanation will add to your understanding of how to do that type of problem.  This is especially true if you felt unsure when doing the problem.

                                Need some extra help?  If you would like help with something you are having trouble understanding, or with a specific problem from one of the Study Guides, I am available to talk to you by phone.  Use the contact button to let me know what you would like help with, and we will work out a time to speak on the phone.

If you have comments or questions about the Study Guides, use the Contact button to let me know.  I would appreciate knowing what you find helpful and what you find confusing. 

After you pass the HiSET Math Test, click the Contact button above and share the good news!              

Click on one of the Study Guide links below, and get ready to

Pass The Math Test!      

Looking for previous versions of the Study Guides?  

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